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Ell's team brings 32 years of experience in the supply chain industry to its customers. Our team of professionals are responsive and delivers with a dedication to timeliness and efficiency. We manage customers' critical logistic and supply chain processes at competitive rates and with the highest level of quality.

Warehouse Staffing

Our warehouse staffing division provides skilled labor and on-site management to meet your industry standards. We specialize in pallet sorting, selecting, labeling, trailer inventory, unloading freight, and product checking.

CDL Drivers

Our CDL drivers are located throughout the US and are highly vetted and best in class drivers. Our drivers are screened through various state and local agencies and must exceed all minimum required DOT clearinghouse standards. Our drivers hold Class A, B and C certifications.

Logistics Management

The logistics division provides a scalable and flexible model that provide fleet management, same day solutions and real time management to improve the bottom line.

Transportation Management

B2B Fullfillment

Inventory Managment

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

Ell Business Solutions was created with a first-rate vision to identify critical Supply Chain Management issues, to restore and manage warehouse production with effective solutions, and improve the mainframe of Third-Party Logistics (TPL) by assisting the industry with long term recovery plans.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To rebuild, refurbish, strengthen, and modernize the way goods, supplies and freight can be delivered to consumers. From the point of origin to consumption, we deliver!
Ell Business Solutions provides outsourced supply chain talent and management services.
We recruit and manage quality candidates to fill logistics positions for our clients. We help clients meet increased supply chain demands and overcome talent shortages.

Your Production -Based Team

Ell maintains a production-based culture committed to delivering best results using the most time-efficient and effective methods.

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Production-Based Culture

Our Ell production-based culture is committed to delivering the best results in the most efficient manner.

Qualified Drivers

Our drivers are fully vetted to ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods.

Logistical Problem-Solvers

We are experienced logistical problems solvers committed to assisting the industry with long-term recovery plans.

Competitive Pricing

We offer highly competitive prices for long-term contracts.

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